3D Crystal Rectangle

We etch a 2D image into a 3D crystal shape, giving the illusion that it is floating inside of the crystal. The result is a spectacular piece of art that makes an exceptional gift.

This example demonstrates how to calculate the bandstructure of rectangular 2D photonic crystal structures with FDTD.

Personalized Gifts

When a gift is personalized, it conveys that extra bit of thoughtfulness that lets your loved one know you put thought into the selection. Whether it’s an engraved cutting board or a custom 3D Crystal Rectangle, these gifts become something unique to the recipient that they can hold on to for years.

Personalized gifts are perfect for commemorating any special occasion or milestone. Custom Christmas ornaments and personalized baby keepsakes celebrate holiday memories, while customized jewelry, engraved birthstone gifts and framed photos are ideal for birthdays and anniversary celebrations.

One of the most popular choices for a personal touch is a 3-D laser etched crystal. This eye-catching piece allows for both horizontal and vertical images and comes with a free light base for maximum effect. A 3-D photo crystal keepsake is a great way to show off your favorite picture and can make an unforgettable wedding or engagement gift.

A 3D crystal etching of a landmark or company logo is also a popular option for a corporate gift. It is a very professional way to honor the achievements of a colleague or employee, and can be hung on the wall or placed on a desk.

Corporate Gifts

Corporate gifting is a great way to strengthen relationships with employees, clients and other business associates. Personalized gifts are especially effective, as they allow you to incorporate your brand logo and message in a way that is meaningful for the recipient. Choose from drinkware options like wireless tumblers and mugs in custom gift boxes, tech accessories for home or office use and more.

Whether you’re looking for something more unique or a classic item to send, there are plenty of high-quality items available that can be customized with your company’s logo and messages. Adding these details helps to create a more personalized experience, which can make the difference between an ordinary gift and one that stands out.

The large 3D crystal awards feature a beautiful optical crystal shape with your three-dimensional image floating inside. A landmark, a company logo or even a person’s face can be re-created in crystal for an impressive presentation piece that is sure to be a hit.

When you’re choosing a corporate gift, it is important to consider who you will be giving the item to and what occasion you will be celebrating. For example, if you are sending a corporate gift for an employee’s birthday, then a bath and body set is a thoughtful option that will allow them to relax and recharge after a busy day at the office.

Awards & Trophies

Personalized awards are a great way to honor individuals or teams. When choosing an award for someone, consider what their achievements mean to your company. This can help you decide what elements to include on your trophy. For example, you can include your company’s logo in the materials or design of the award. You can also choose to personalize the message on your award with words that will resonate with the recipient.

3D subsurface engraving in optical crystal creates vivid detail inside your gift or award, bringing the image to life. It’s perfect for any type of artwork, logo, photograph, or other image. The process of etching beneath the surface allows us to create unique shapes and designs that would otherwise be impossible to achieve.

Custom fabricated awards can be made to fit any shape, size and design that you desire for your recognition solution. They can be created from a wide variety of materials, and can be decorated with almost any type of artwork, text and/or logos.

Depending on the complexity of your design, some awards may require more time to produce than others. When ordering your awards, make sure to factor in how much time it will take for them to be produced before the event they are being given at. This will ensure that they arrive in time for your special occasion.

Custom Engraving

Engraved gifts are the perfect way to commemorate special occasions and memories. Honor a loved one or coworker with an engraved gift from our collection of personalized crystal and glass presents. Find engraved barware, like beer mugs and wine glasses, as well as crystal vases and stunning glass keepsakes that make an elegant and thoughtful gift. Also discover engraved wood gifts, including engraved picture frames and photo albums. Find kitchen engraved gifts, such as engraved wooden cutting boards, recipe boxes and cooking utensils, as well as engraved stone gifts, like garden stones, slate charcuterie boards and beautiful wind chimes.

Our engraved crystal keepsakes are made from optical crystal that features your image floating in a 3D effect. Whether it’s a family photo, company logo or beloved pet, you can etch your image into a piece of crystal that will be cherished forever. You can even add text engraving to the piece for a truly personalized gift that’s sure to impress.

We also etch custom cut-out shapes and designs; laser engrave metal recognition awards and plates, including desk plaques; create smaller signage for indoor and outdoor use; industrial markings and safety warning signage. Our in-house team of engraving experts can also etch on a variety of metal products, like wood, leatherette and metal photo frames and coasters; metal ornaments and decorative items, such as beautiful wind chimes; and more.

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