Tow Truck In Denver CO

A new law gives you more time to move your car before a hefty towing bill can ruin your day. It also requires that companies give 24 hours’ notice before towing cars from apartments, condos and mobile home parks.

Low-income residents often face steep consequences for nonconsensual towing and lack the resources to advocate for themselves. Her bill would establish a task force that will investigate consumer complaints about towing companies.

Long Distance Towing

A towing company can transport a car from one city or state to another. This is called long distance towing. In this case, the cost of the service depends on the distance of the haul and the size of the vehicle. Typically, this service costs up to $1 a mile.

If you believe you have been wrongly towed, the best way to fight it is to contact your local police department. They can verify that the tow was legitimate and help you resolve the issue with the towing company.

However, this is not foolproof. Some towing companies have been accused of predatory behavior. Wyatt’s, the largest residential towing company in Denver, has been criticized for its tactics on Nextdoor, and the Better Business Bureau gave it an F rating. Residents have complained that they were towed without notice and for parking in places where they didn’t have permission to do so. This has led to a decline in business for the company.

Short Distance Towing

Whether you need a car tow across town or around the block, a short tow can be done in a timely manner with a good quality towing company. Denver Super Towing is fully equipped to handle all makes and models. Their truck drivers know the location of towing points so that your vehicle can be towed with minimal damage.

If your vehicle is stuck in a ditch or has been involved in an accident, flatbed towing can prevent further damage by transporting your car on a clean flat surface. This service can also save you money by providing a faster and more reliable way to get your car back on the road than traditional dolly towing.

For a better and more affordable roadside assistance experience, download the free HONK app today! HONK connects you with the best towing companies in your area and gives you a “guaranteed not to exceed” price quote before the driver arrives.

Heavy Duty Towing

The towing truck of choice for long distance towing jobs is a flatbed or car carrier. The drivers of these trucks are familiar with the towing points on all makes and models of vehicles and know how to best move them to the next destination.

Large trucks such as Tractor Trailers and Big Rigs require specialized equipment for towing. These tow trucks have a gross vehicle weight rating of over 23 tons and can carry vehicles weighing up to 17,000 lbs or more.

A Heavy Duty Towing Wrecker can have a crane-like arm that can rotate 360 degrees and can lift containers or loaded trailers with ease. They are commonly used for accident recovery where large trucks or tractor trailers get stuck or rolled over on the highway. They can also be called to haul heavy loads that need to be transported to a storage area. They are often rented by commercial establishments such as apartment complexes or restaurants for loading or receiving cargo.

Emergency Towing

Towing companies have to follow strict rules when they pick up vehicles. They have to give vehicle owners a written notice before they haul away their vehicles. If they don’t, the tow company may have to pay damages to the owner of the vehicle.

The city’s public advocate said the tow truck companies that violate these rules could be subject to fines. The City of Denver is working to improve enforcement and oversight of the towing industry.

Unauthorized vehicles can clog parking lots and make them look messy and unsafe. Colorado Auto Recovery can provide your Denver business with a parking lot towing service that will help you declutter your property and provide tenants, visitors, and patrons with safe and damage free parking. We can also enforce your parking lot guidelines by towing away unauthorized vehicles. We’ll do it all at a guaranteed not-to-exceed rate so you can save money and avoid costly surprises. Call us Tow Truck In Denver CO today for more information.